Our Case Studies


Since Opening is 2012 MRL revenue growth has been slow and unpredictable. Although MRL was seeing results the profit margins were low, the owner wanted to develop a more focused approach to acquiring new business. “We needed to setup a good repeatable business process that would take us from the beginning of a project through completion”, said Suzanne Corey.

Additionally new clients were not being developed on a regular basis. Corey said “We have to find a way to bring in new clients to grow the business.”


Flagstone started working with Suzanne Corey on creating a repeatable sales process.  First we looked at the different type of clients MRL could serve and the different markets that are available.  Each type of client or market had a little different marketing method.  We developed marketing methods based on the type of customers we were selling to.

Flagstone performed a business review of the whole process from Sales to billing to collecting accounts receivable. A new pricing strategy was developed to improve profits because in some cases projects were being completed with a net loss. Flagstone also helped negotiate higher fees in some cases for existing customers to adjust and improve profits for the MRL.

Flagstone helped generate marketing materials and communication methods to improve the sales process.


With Flagstone Management’s advice, the company now has a repeatable sales process which has helped grow the company revenue over 100% over six months. They have a sales management process that supports the business.

Initially Flagstone Management was asked to help with the Sales process; the relationship had an added benefit by improving the profitability of the company. “Bringing in Flagstone Management has allowed me to pay off all the debt I had starting business and build a decent income for my family.”