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Our Services

Flagstone Management focuses on the process needed to improve and maintain sales, revenue, and growth. A few services we provide are:

Improve Your Financial Systems

Management by the numbers…  We perform a financial and operational audit review and develop a custom dashboard and reporting system through technology to increase profit, cash flow, and revenue.

“Having a budget and looking at the numbers routinely, makes a huge difference in a company’s cash flow and profitability.” ~ Joe Flacke, CEO of Flagstone

Increase Your Sales

We develop growth strategies to increase sales by implementing custom/strategic marketing and sales tools.

“I find that many companies are waiting for the phone to ring. We create sales opportunities together and find the revenue stream your company needs.” ~ Joe Flacke, CEO of Flagstone

Maximize Your Leadership

We’ll analyze and interview your team, then move forward with the skill sets your company has to improve your business. Let’s leverage your leaders’ strengths and motivations to achieve company results.

Develop Your Business Exit Strategy

You should work every day to prepare your business for sale, even if you have no intention of selling it. Flagstone Management specializes in helping business owners prepare their business for sale, by implementing proven processes and strategies. Let’s prepare for the future, together.

Recruit Key Employees

We will recruit, interview, and hire employees or managers you need. Even better, we will teach your executives our process so the knowledge stays with your company.

Part-Time CEO

We train, find, or become your CEO and help ensure your financial goals are on track. We help you get comfortable with the uncomfortable: new sales, new boundaries and new growth.

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